Tuesday, March 31, 2009

good bye loved ones...

Tomorrow :

BB will be going to Ipoh for several days (or maybe weeks) for the tournament, Sultan Azlan Shah Cup..good luck to all,the team..


Ayah will start his new job at the new department starting tomorrow..good luck to Ayah..

Ayah,in d middle during GSB Appreciation Nite(ni last time ngn GSB laa niy..) with us,the sibs.

BB,will miss u around...huhuhu~so this weekend,i'll be all alone..travelling to Melaka & KL back & forth all by myself...(da lame tak drive sorang2 niy...)


So yesterday after work,i rushed back home to check on my travelling wallet...and Alhamdulillah,it's safe and sound in my pink bag...

So after sometimes,i feel like cooking...so i cooked dinner for myself...
Here's what i cooked last night..

my so called Prawn Pasta

So because the taste is good,here's the ingredients : (utk tmbh2 lg ingredients next time!)
Spaghetti (for 1)
Garlic (crushed)
Chilli flakes
Cooking oil (preferably olive oil)

Rebus spaghetti (tmbh garam sket) & toss
so in different pan:
Masukkan sikit cooking oil and garlic (lepas tu baru hidupkan api)
Masukkan Prawn,add a little bit of water,salt and chilli flakes.Tunggu sampai udang masak.
Masukkan spaghetti and gaul..

da siap..walla!!xde laa best sgt9..tapi saye suke!sedap.. =)

So i cooked my own dinner last night and ate my dinner while watching 'Selamat Pagi Cinta'..BB blikan..huhu~

Ayah balik soon after that and brought this along :

Wacom drawing tablet
Tried this thing last night and love it!!Drawing is much easier using this drawing tablet..dulu2 guna mouse jek!!
Thank u ayah..

Monday, March 30, 2009

love diary

I knew him since primary school and we were in the same class during the first couple years there..(ble igt2 blk laa..)

So finished primary,we were in different secondary schools..i only notice him with this "muka bdk datuk palembang" type..haha..(our primary school's name)

Late 2001
Met him masa ada sports apa at my school,he was there with his friends,i remember yus (my sis's ex and arwah fizan..ow!they are closed friends!)But i don't really talk much dengan dia..jez senyum2 je..hehe..

After SPM baru ada contact2 smua..tapi xde laa to the extend yang sampai nk couple2 (geli jer!!) niy...kawan pun sbb Syahirah couple dengan Yus.So jez slalu hang around dgn diorang je..and that time i was at my first college and ada boyfriend..huhu~ ni main2 punye,xde prasaan langsung!haha..

BB ada jugak tanya2 if laa..IF kitorang boleh together2 since slalu je jumpe2 ni..ada laa 2 kali kot BB tanya and i turned him down..huhu~ poyoz!!

Ok,birthday dia time niy (10th) i bought him a cake..huaa!!apekah?da la xde prasaan kat dia,blikan cake plk tuh?klaka jer..sanggup tunggu dia abes training nak hadiahkn cake tu...(malu agi...!)

7th February,kitorang sah laa bercinta..(chehs!!) tapi time ni prasaan x develope agi..so camtu2 laa..huhu~seriyes tade prasaan...(knowing me laa kn?tringin tp..ahahahaha!!)

14th February
Ceh!time ni Valentine's Day..me,x celebrate..tapi BB niy pulak terover excited kn?so dia blikan lilin wangi..(ada lagi,jez x wangi lagi laa skrg ni..)siap wrap lagi ok?i didn't get him anything i guess?tah?x igt laa pulak..so start this day,sikit2 prasaan suke or maybe sayang develop..


And many sweet2 moment,obstacles and ape2 je lah happen spanjang tahun niy..i will not forget July 2003 tu..ever!huh!

x igt jadi ape..tapi igt la mase niy start blaja kt 2nd college and BB pun start blaja jgk..
Mase thn niy,BB da start ade game kt KL..so kdg2 knalah hntr dia kt bus station sume..

Start this year BB memang da pindah kt Bkt Jalil...so bermulalah LDR(read:Long Distance Relationship) ceh..macam jauh je..This time BB memang xde kenderaan..so every week kalau balik KL-MLK mesti hantar BB kat bus station

Same je macam previous year..

Masa ni da keje kat Coffee Bean..and realize yang Management Trainee ni busan sbenanye..(baru ku tau byk political issues..kalau nk survive laa). So brenti keje and apply degree kt KL..konon2 nak dekat ngn my sugar!

Haa..dis year,mmg laa sgt9 mencabar saya & baby..slalu je gado2..and of course laa saya sentiasa nak menang!sensitive sgt saya niy sampai benda kecik pun nak besar2 kn...haish...tabaik saya niy...BB decide nk get engage masa April camtulaa..ingat dia main2..yelaa tgh moody2 dgn diaa tiba2 propose pulak kn?dlm phone plk tu!!mmg tak laa nk percaya ckp BB..and again masa 4th May,BB propose again...and pecaye siket je..huhu~maseh mood gado2 lagi..apelaa saye niy!!So..6th December,BB and i pun engage...

sugar and i

currently...looking foward to our big day... and i love him even more each day...ceh!!

trust nobody!

Smalam,masa on the way balik KL da kira da duit dalam drawer kecik tu..adalaa dalam rm20 plus..yelaa..duit lebih tol and parking je..tp pagi ni,bila nak byr parking ticket,duit tu dah takde..mane??igt2 balik..rasanya mmg takde kluakan sbb BB ckp bia je dlam drawer tu buat pakai mase emergency..oklaa..so mmg sah-sah xde guna..

AND... baru tringat smalam pegi sunway pyramid and jockey parking je smalam and ada bagi kunci kreta kat org tu..takkan laa kn?tak amanah betul!!xpe laa xde rezeki dgn duit tu..


lagi skali teringat!barang2 yg dari Melaka mmg ada kt dlm kreta..termasuklaa travelling wallet yang ada passport & duit rm1000...alaaaaa!!!!risau niy...risau pasal passport tu especially..(nnt x dpt pegi L****N & IN******A)

Tekanan and runsing!!!wajib buat report pasnih...

Friday, March 27, 2009


Last night,when i was about to sleep...i felt like something's missing..maybe it's just me or my feelings..but i know that i missed her so much i couldn't tell..

It's been 1 month and 3 weeks since nenek baru passed away..i miss u so much nek..so much i couldn't tell,not even single words can describe how i felt.


And when i woke up and refreshed,i remember u visited me in my dreams and brought along the foods u used to cook when you are around..u smiled,u hugged me,kissed me and u left me alone..

Were you really there in my dreams last night?

I wish i could turn back times and spend every minutes i have with u and if u are not here anymore,i won't regret becouse i know when u left us month ago you were missing us so so much!i knew it from you neighbors as they told me few days before,u were keep saying "Jah rindu budak2 tu,tapi Jah fhm diorang sibuk kt KL,kalau diorang blk sini mesti diorang jumpa Jah..."

Nek,do u know how much i regret?I was there every week but i didn't go to your house..


Last time i saw u was,14th December 2008..i noticed u look a bit different,u lost your weight so much,u didn't cry as usual,but u were laughing with me and u were keep saying u will not be there during my wedding day.....

But life must go on...thank u so much for being there whenever i need u,thank u so much for taking care of me and i am so thankful to have u as my nenek even though u are not my biological nenek..

i love u...n i miss u so much!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Players only love you when they're playing..

So they'll only love u when they're on the field?

Itu BB..

But he loves me when he's off the field too!!AND he's totally not a 'playa'!!!

*Boring sebenarnya...

Happy 1st Birthday honey!

Waa!!whose birthday??
On 18th March 2009 were Salsa and lil MyVi's birthday!

Salsa Emilda,BB's niece turns 1 and also our lil MyVi...see?they shared the same birth date..

'lil Salsa..happy birthday kiddo!

MyVi chomel!(pinjam gambar kreta Mama dulu,nnt letak lain!)hehe..

I still remember clearly how we both were so happy especially BB to buy his very 1st car..and there are lots of obstacles we've been through,not that he don't have the money or whatsoever but the salesman,whom my mom bought the car with cheat on him.BB didn't noticed at all but i have bad feelings about this.He gave us so many excuses to delay the car,asked money from BB,and many others.We've been waiting for baby MyVi for like 6 months or more,still,BB didn't bother to go to the shop and ask about the car (ow!that stupi* salesman only met us somewhere not at the shop and will only ask money only via SMS!!seriously i don't trust him..).

Ok!Since BB had a tour to Japan,i decided to find out what's the problem behind all these delay and everything.I went to the shop with his sister and brother in-law and found out that the stupi*est salesman are no longer working there(kicked by his boss because of cheating on customers!).Ha!!i was shocked!BB even game him almost RM1000 before.

So i went straight to the nearby police station to lodge a police report about this case and my case were refer to HQ in Melaka.So the sergeant at HQ asked me the details and everything and gave him a call.(Bodo*!serve u right!!!)The sergeant gave him 3/4 days to settle,means return all the money to my account.Later after that he called me and begging me to drop the case.Why should i?that's your problem!So i said to him,if u want me to drop the case,give me back our money!So he replied,ok,give me few days to settle.

Before that,the sergeant ask me to find any proof that i already transferred the money to his account (His boss gave us his IC copy,account number,and telephone number).Luckily we have a friend who work at Maybank and he helped us alot!Thanks buddy!

BB doesn't know anything about this but that stup*d salesman call him in Japan!So i have to tell him everything and said to him,i'll handle this while u are away..

So the stup*d man gave back the money to BB's mom(because he don't trust me..boleh tak?) and later Mak gave me the money..hehe!

So the case settled (still he owed us RM100) and on 18th March 2008,we took our 'lil one home..Sayang MyVi.. :D

Happy Birthday kiddos!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

North trip

Yeps!on Friday, the Family and me went up to the north to attend my second cousin's wedding (the solemnisation and bersanding)
I took a leave on Friday as we're going as early as 7.
So the journey began..
Ayah drove Naza all the way to Kulim,Kedah.But we stopped at Tapah to meet up with the others, the groom's family,and my other family too..so we had a quick breakfast at the stop before heading the highway to continue the journey.I wanted to sleep along the way,but unfortunately,i can't..don't know why..

Meters away from Tapah,Pak Teh stopped to go to toilet and the groom's car waited for us while the others continue their journey.After a while,we get back to our car and hit the highway,but suddenly,the groom's car pull over.


Ha!There goes the answer...his windscreen pecah!see the big hole on the passenger's site?Batu yang buat..and unlucky groom was at the passenger seat and lucky-him,he was wearing sun-glasses...hmm..


So us,Pakteh,Ayah and him kena drive very slowly and the groom tak pecahkan cermin tu.On our way towards Bandar Baharu exit,we saw Pak Busu on the emergency lane.Problems with his car pulak!!Temperature kereta was so high!

While waiting,before Bandar Baharu exits.

Lepas penat tunggu semua,we hit the road once again and reached Kulim Inn around 2pm.While the others stayed there,my Family and i stayed at Seri Malaysia,Kulim.

After checked in,had lunch and rest a while before we head off to Kulim Inn to meet them and off to the mosque where the solemnisation ceremony were held.
(Ow!we even received a wedding invitationfrom the GM hotel,his bro's wedding!)

Ok!Alhamdulillah...they are now husband and wife...so,lepas the groom solat sunat,went to the bride's house,makan-makan..hehe..

Next day,we had breakfast at Pelita Nasi Kandar (yea,KL pun ada..) at first,we're going to Hainan Kopitiam,but the shop hasn't open yet..da pukul 9.30am kot?Ok,so i had roti telur with milo kosong,syujak=roti kosongx2 with milo ais+ais kosong+telur separuh masak,syafik=roti sardin with horlicks,mama=roti kosong with teh panas and ayah=roti kosng with kopi +telur separuh masak.

After breakfast,ayah pusing2 around the town looking for pasar.Almost 11am,baru jumpa pasar.Mama bought telur itik,buah mangga,air botol Radix,ikan masin,apams..and also instant Radix coffee..

Kat pasar sane,jumpe benda2 ni :

cute lil' chicks

mangga or they call it mempelam

telur itik

ini,kunyit hidup..ye ke?

terung muda..kot?sebab warna hijau..

timun yg kecil-kecil..comelnye!

ini,ikan keli yg best bila dah masak!

So,around 12 balik bilik,siap2 terus and check out.Went to Kulim Inn to meet them before head off to bride's house.As usual,kompang-kompang,tepung tawar,makan-makan..and balik (us!)

ini,gambar saya ambil dari belakang


So afte we had lunch,as planned we hit the road again to Alor Star.This time,Paklong & fam,Pak Teh & fam,Abg Yan & fam Busu & fam and me& fam yang pergi.It took 11/2 to 2 hours to reach Alor Star.So sampai Alor Star around 4 something.Ayah kena cari hotel untuk the uncles since diorang semua last minute baru bagitau nak pergi sekali.Jalan2 and i found Regency Hotel near to the famous Pasar Rabu(nama je pasar rabu,tapi hari2 pun bukak!:)) So Ayah booked for 5 rooms including ours.Waa..best!

Lagi best,near to the hotel ada Maha Klinik,which is Dr.Mahathir first owned clinic.


That night xde banyak aktiviti sebab semua orang da shopping kt pasar rabu and malam ada AF7..huh!Bros and me walked to find dinner,unfortunately most of the kedai do not sell nasi..(ha?bukanke Kedah ni sawah padi terbentang luas?how come no rice at all?da 3 kedai pergi tuh!).At last,McD jugak yang jadi santapan makan malam.Ow!sempat beli Twilight! :)

Esok tu after breakfast,mandi2 and pack barang terus ayah checkout all the rooms.Sebelum bertolak pergi Perlis,check kereta Pak Busu dekat workshop,if dah ok boleh ambil dan guna pergi Perlis..and Alhmdulillah da ok..so gerak pergi Perlis dalam pukul 12 lebih..da lewat sebenarnya..So,sampai Perlis dalam pukul 2 camtu terus ayah bawak pergi lunch kt Anjung Keli..walla!best!

Ni laa nama kedai tu!


Lepas habes makan terus je pergi Padang Besar sempadan Thai tu untuk shopping..(apekah?)



Dinner at Williams

So on Thursday night we had a late diiner at Williams around 10 pm.
On the table were, Ayah,Mama,Syahirah,Syujak,Dayat,Syafik,BB and me..
We ordered:
Nasi Goreng Ketam x 1

Nasi Goreng Seafood ( or maybe squid with apetah eh?i don't remember...) x1

Seafood Pasta in Olive Oil (this one's my favourite!!) x1

Mix Anti-Pesto x 2 (Haa..this one order 2 plates..y?Ayah suke,tapi tak habes pun..)

And drinks:

Ribena + Longan Blended

Mango Special (Blended)

Okay those are the foods and drinks we ordered.We're full to the max that night with superlicious dinner with the loved ones...

Long journey next day...Later!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today's plan

After work,ayah planned to have dinner @ Williams,KJ..but maybe a late dinner since Syujak will only buy his bus ticket after 6. Ayah invite BB to Williams too..waa..bestnye ade BB skali..

Eh!I thought Ayah tak suka makan dekat Williams sebab masa first time ajak Ayah pergi makan and Mama suggest to go there and Ayah said ok tapi Ayah had no idea how and where the place is and we forgot to describe the place to Ayah. Ayah mungkin ingat tempat tu sangat cozy and tenang je,tapi bila sampai...i can see your face expression and mood changes..hehe..

So tonight we'll have dinner at Williams and in my head is Seafood Pasta!yummy!!ahh...make me hungry laa...always thinking about food and because of food i gained a lot and BB da worry da..(heh!sibuk je pasal weight orang..)
Ha..what else besides Seafood Pasta?BB like Nasi Goreng Ketam.Our first time here we ordered chicken stuffed with hotdog topped with cheese served with mashed potato and sayur bayam (forgot the name!)ow!kat sini tak ada menu ok?so remember what u ate before and ask them.or maybe u can tell them what do u want to eat.

Haa...cepat laa malam..
telan air liur je ni!

Looking forward for tonight late dinner!


p/s:esok pergi Kedah.

Sydney Trip (Day 2)

The second day at Sydney
August 2nd, 2008

Woke up not so early that day. Had roti canai for breakfast and get ready for our first ever tour.

roti canai in Sydney!!! =)

So everyone seems like very excited!ow!This time we have a new ride an 7 seater MPV (Hyundai iMax.Here, in Malaysia,they call it as Hyundai Starex)

So as usual,us the not-camera-shy person shoot pictures here and there infront of the house while enjoying the view in Bankstown.

Adek & me (Adek saket perut,remember he vomited the night before?)

#There are many other pictures snapped (from TokYah,Ayah,Syujak,Syafik,Syahirah,Maksu/Paksu,& mine) but i guess not neccessary laa..hehe..

So we hoped in our cars (XC90=Maksu,Paksu,TokYah,Syafik,Diina,Naiim & Adek. iMAX=Ayah,Mama,MakTok,NekIncik,Syujak,Syahirah & I) and starts the journey to The Blue Mountains.

Argh!Seriously i totally forgot how many hours to get there but i do remember on our way there,we stopped somewhere near Bankstown and Maksu bought 10 pcs of pizza!!yummy!!And i slept through the half way.hehe..

So we were there on the Blue Mountains Hill to see theThree Sisters the famous rock formation. Enjoying the view from the hill (ow!we saw a castle and the distance is quite far!). Took pictures and ayah bought a book about the Three Sisters there.

us without syujak sbb dia yg amek gmbr! on the Blue Mountain with Three Sisters at the back

After that,we headed back to the car and eat pizza (for lunch!) and rushed to The Featherdale Wild Life Park (this is a petting zoo!) Solat at the car park and bought tickets and we're in.Had a very happy time with the animals especially the koalas,kangaroos and wallabies.

The favourite time here was when we us,the sibs and the 3 cousins collecting stamps for our passport!Love that moment when we race to the stamping area.Macam kanak2.

me feeding the wallabies (takut/geli)tapi nak jugak..bukan selalu pun!hehe..

So we spent few hours there and went back home.Took our bath (even in cold!),and had dinner.Soon after that after chit-chatting,tido pulak..continue our journey the next day.

See ya!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekend & Barbecue + Birthday Party! (the arrival,the surprise,and the celebrations!)

So..the first group of guest arrived...(Acik,PakCik Nan, MakTok,TokYah,Bibik and family)

ow!before that i was eyeing on them..and even shut the gate so that we can prepare and everything.When they arrived,i quickly shut all the lights at the terrace where Ayah and BB (were grilling the foods) and Syujak's friends (Dayat,Ali and Ayman) were helping me with the balloons) were there!

I invited them all to the main door (usually,when there's makan-makan at my house they will enter into the house from the terrace.)

So they were all chit-chatting while I was busy making sure all the suprises goes well..
This time,PakCik Wahab arrived with his family.
And once it's all ready, i called up and jemput makan at the terrace..this time everyone macam bagi laluan dekat Acik to go in first...so I standby at the door and slowly open the door and all of us screamed SUPRISSSEE!!!(and on the lights as well)

Haaa...Acik cried when she saw the banners and was speechless and only these "Banyak umur tu,so many numbers!" words came out form her mouth!

haha..love it!!I love making surprises and Naiim had his too..(will tell ya later!)

So,it's photo-shoot session with the banner as the backdrop(it took sometimes!enjoying the deco made by me n family!)

And after that we had dinner...MakLong Esah and Sara, Kak Mas and Family and Abg Nuar and family arrived.

Everyone enjoyed the food...and even claimed "waa..so full!ketat perut ni..and delicious"

While eating,everyone chit-chatting with each other...

Few hours later, we start preparing the cakes.This time we prepared the dining hall.Placed the candles nicely and light them up.Bibik brought the big cake (Acik's cake) while i was holding the smaller cake. Syahirah called Acik in and everybody else...and we sang birthday song together(this time Acik pakai birthday hat tu!) and we repeated singing birthday song again and this time for syujak,maktok and pakcik Nan.

#ow!pls take note : like every other occasion,acara wajib anjuran ayah adalah karaoke!!

After the cake cutting and photo-shoot session,of course la eating the cake!!but,as i mentioned earlier,everyone said they're too full for food..


Later after finished eating the cake,all the guest went back home..family by family..

The one left at home,us the family plus new comer in the family,BB helped cleaning the house..but i told BB to go home and rest!We here can do it..(actually we hand it over to the maid!!evil us..hheh!!)


That's all..

Bubbye..and Happy 50th Birthday Acik!

p/s : later,will upload lotsa pictures!

Weekend & Barbecue + Birthday Party! (planning part)

Last Sunday was superb...everything was well organized..

Planned 2 weeks before to celebrate Acik's 50th surprise birthday celebration..(ow!including Syujak,22nd Feb, MakTok, 17th March and PakCik Nan's 3rd March)



  • Salad
Main Course
  • Soto
  • Grilled Beef
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Grilled Kerang
  • Grilled Ikan Pari
  • Mashed Potato
  • Fruits (watermelon,papaya)
  • Fruits Tartlet
  • Jelly Cendol
  • Talam Ubi
  • Calamansi & Asam Boi
2 cakes :
  • Tiramisu by Secret Recipe
  • Zen Chocolate Cake by Zen(by Secret Recipe)

  • Birthday Party Banner
  • 50th Birthday Banner
  • 50th Balloons
  • A.C.I.K (printed by Syujak)
The invitation note!

It's barbecue nite!!!

Dear beloved family..u are cordially invited to celebrate Acik Khairi's 50th b'day together with syujak,abg iwan,maktok,n pakcik nan's birthday..
Venue:5119-C Jln D*** P********

Be there!!

Saturday (07/03/09)

We were all very excited and looking forward for the Sunday occasion and i believe Acik has no idea about this. Ayah even bought a new grill which cost him RM4k plus..(waa!!!excitednye..!)
So i start preparing on Saturday,went out with BB cari ikan pari,ikan parang n kupang..after cari2 session..we went to Mahkota Parade..(bought a pair of tights n nike shirt = RM130++) and had a late lunch at Sushi King..(i really want to have salmon skin or cooked salmon..poor me,salmon skin n cooked/fried salmon finished!)

ok-ok..back to the plan..

BB and I even jalan-jalan tepi pantai (Pantai Puteri) cari ikan..even though masa tu hujan..

BB sent me home around 7pm...BB took home the pari to marinate and i gave him half of the kupang.

Sunday (08/03/09)

Mama and Ayah went out early in the morning and bought chicken and beef and veges and fruits too!

I start with kupas2 bawang, halia and all before blending them together and marinate the chicken..
The beef was cut into block by Syahirah and marinated by Ayah (black pepper and salt)

Finished marinating,Syahirah and I went out to buy the deco and cakes. So we went to Tesco and bought : 100 plus,the decos,potatoes,and some other things i can't recall!
After paying, we headed to Dataran Pahlawan to buy cake from Zen by Secret Recipe...but the traffic was hectic!Melaka jam??(memang weekend macam ni..sigh~)

Bought the cake!so headed home and send the cake but Ayah once again asked us to go to Jusco to buy tapai with ice cream (??) and also sauce form Nando's.ow!and 9volt battery too..but before that,i already bought Tiramisu form Secret Recipe.

And we rushed back home to collect the soto from BB's house (Mak and KakLong cooked for us!)

to be continued...(the arrival and the surprise and the cebrations!!!surprise!!!!)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sydney Trip (Day 1)

This is an entry about my Sydney trip with the family (Ayah, Mama,Syahirah,Syujak,Syafik,MakTok,TokYah and Nek Incik) visiting Maksu and family.

We took off from KLIA (JetStar) around 10pm (can't remember..it was long ago) on 31st July 2008.


It took 6-7 hours from KLIA to Kingsford International Airport, Sydney. I slept through the half way..ngantuk sangat! But JetStar is not that bad (note:JetStar is a budget airlines).

We reach Kingsford International Airport around 6/7 am. We were all very excited to gather with Maksu and family especially those 3 kids(cousin) i missed the most.Ow! we arrived on the 1st of August which is on Maksu's birthday!(this is kinda birthday present for her)

look at the happy faces

captured by TokYah

Ah!!what a lovely memory..ow!if only we can capture Naiim's expression the moment he saw us walking towards them..

I remember him screaming his lungs out "WHAT???" i bet you, he was surprised with the surprise!haha...we've been planning this trip months back and maksu kept this suprise from her kids (Diina,Naiim & Adik) to surprise them...AND they're very surprise + excited..(well...we're their favourite cousins..according to them especially Naiim & Adik) ~wink-wink~

So..there were 2 cars (both maksu & paksu's = XC90 & err..lupelaa!) and 14 of us including Maksu and family + many big luggage and ayah have to hire another car to drive to Maksu's house..

while waiting for them to uploading the luggage

Maksu drives the red car which carry all the luggage with Naiim, Paksu drives the XC90 with me,Adik,Diina,Maktok,Tokyah & NekIncik as the passenger while Ayah drives Toyota sedan with the others (Mama,Syahirah,Syujak & Syafik).

Ayah,while waiting for the car

Traffic was quite busy that day..and Ayah missed our car and headed to a beach (forgot the name of the beach).Paksu turned back to find Ayah while Maksu drove home and wait for us (preparing breakfast!!haha..)

We all reach home and had Nasi Lemak for our breakfast and right after that, we were all enjoying the house and the kids too despite our tiredness...but we can only manage not long enough and started feeling sleepy and ZZZzzzz....


Later that evening around 4pm we woke up and Ayah wanted to go to the nearest Mall with the Toyota. Ayah,Mama,Syahirah and I went to the Mall.Bought some fruits,sodas & juices, chips and also...a Birthday Cake for Maksu!(we bougth candles too as it doesnt come with candles!) ow! the cake is from Michelle..yummylicious!!!

Back at home,we hide the cake in the kids room and had dinner..Later after that call up my sibs and the kids to prepare the suprise..We put on the candles and i helped them to carry the cake to Maksu and we sang Birthday song..and again,Maksu was surprised!

The yummylicious chocolate cake!!

Naiim shared the same birth date (Hijr year)

After the cake cutting session, it's time for family photo-shooting time...

All of us!!

And it is time to sleep..


Syahirah and I couldn't sleep..so we chit-chatting and...suddenly i heard someone vomit...ow..poor Adek..so we helped Maksu & Paksu to clean up..

Ahh...sleeping time...long journey tomorrow..

(it's winter in OZ!)sejuk!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

cerita hari ini

It was lunch time and it was raining outside..so i couldn't go to TM for lunch with the parents..so i went downstairs to buy food but the food's finished (tgl sket n tamo!)..unlucky me..

Since it has stop raining,i walked to TM...but!! 1 man stopped me and was asking me question. "Where's UM?" and it followed with many other different questions which is not related to "Where's UM?" why?was he approaching me?(duh~what a question i have in mind!perasan..)
suddenly he pop a question..."can i have ur number?" i was like "huh?kenapa??" but me..being me...easily to give my number to people i don't know..so i gave him!he gave his too!(silly me!!yea..call me silly...) ha!he is trying to approach me..(perasan again!) but seems like it's true innit?

ow!this guy,E*** said he is a lecturer in U**..
ok,let me describe him..tall,dark skin (mamak look) & because he's from penang,drive merc (i saw the key!) well dressed...

ok,enuff..saya kena pukau kah?easily let people know my number?
so i said "got to go,parents are waiting!" he then replied "can i drop u off?" so i said "soccay..i don't mind walking..." he said "ok then,call me anytime n we can chat" heh!
so bubbye to him!
huh! what a day...

Told the fiance...and scolded by him..huhu~"senang je bagi number kat org!!" "tatau laa b..sy rase laen je?kna pukau ke?" (alasan!!!)

But seriously,i don't know why...this is the 2nd time things like this happened to me..last time was a black man studied at M*U ...

Please,please,please remind me not to talk to strangers!!!

~scary woo~!!

after this,fetch Mama at TM and off to Mak Teh's house...visiting my cousin who gave birth to Aina Damia on 27th January..(da lame dah...)



Apa itu picoy (pee-choy)?

During my younger years, pronouncing was a lil bit difficult for me (mungkin)..but my aunty said i pronounced well accept for this picoy thing...
Comelnya perkataan picoy tu...
tapi,apa itu picoy?

haa...clue2* ~wink-wink~

picoy adalah :-
  • benda
  • di pakai oleh semua orang (tak kira umur,golongan dan masyarakat)
  • sangat selesa
  • sangat comel
  • sangat di sukai

inilah picoy...

sangat comel kan? picoy=flip-flop
dari mana perkataan selipar/slipper boleh jadi picoy??

~no idea~

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


waa!!excitednya nak type2 ni...

one fine day..i was chit-chatting with my fiance..can't recall what was it about...but i do remember saying..."b,i've known u like forever...and never regret every single things happened in our lives and insyaAllah in our future too..bla,bla,bla....i love u now, then and forever as always..saya dah ada sama2 dgn awak from
ZERO TO HERO..."(waaa!!i like the words!)...

yea..saya kawan dgn tunang tersayang masa dia tiada apa yang dia ada sekarang..tapi dia memang sentiasa HERO saya pun..

sayang sangat ok??


so..today is my 4th week working (i'm on internship remember?) at WebMeridian..
i woke up late today..nearly 07:15 (shoot!!!im sooo late!) had my bath,dressed decently n i put on my make-up...ow!spray perfumes too!i ran to the living hall..grab my keys & unlock the padlock & unlock my car & starts the engine.ow!before that i sempat lagi capai biskut n milo for breakfast(dlm kreta)..
so drive along the Puchong Jaya to Pantai..took NPE and jam pagi2 seperti biase..(bencinyer!!)
bla2..with HotFM n sampai laa dkt Pantai Plaza..waa!!!parking lot dkt Pantai Plaza scarrrrry sgt!gelap sampai diri sendiri pun tak nampak?cane tuh?? "soccay laa..tak takut nih..tawakal je" (cakap dalam hati..)



lampu da ada semula the moment i open the door...alhamdulillah...(terima kasih Tuhan..)

so buat laa kerja2 seperti biasa...pukul 1pm jumpa Mama di TM (since Mama ada meeting this whole week)..Mama turun lambat sgt..around 13:20 baru Mama turun...tak ajak pun pergi lunch,tapi pergi shopping (once a month ada booth2 kecil jual barang2 kesukaan perempuan di level -1) huhuh..perut lapar ni...
dah shop2 until the money drops..baru pergi lunch at 14:05! had fish n chips with RO water while Mama had her spaghetti strap bolognese with apple kasturi..makan dengan jayanya lajunya sampai perut pun ketat...sambil makan mama cakap.."Mama msk meeting pukul 15:00 nanti" i was like "wat??Mama bully me...so masuk laa kerja pukul 14:50 hokay?sangat la lambatnya saya..(malu!!)

sampai office..terasa panas sangat...busuk je rasa..da sweating jalan dari TM ke Plaza Pantai laju2...huh!!!