Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today's plan

After work,ayah planned to have dinner @ Williams,KJ..but maybe a late dinner since Syujak will only buy his bus ticket after 6. Ayah invite BB to Williams too..waa..bestnye ade BB skali..

Eh!I thought Ayah tak suka makan dekat Williams sebab masa first time ajak Ayah pergi makan and Mama suggest to go there and Ayah said ok tapi Ayah had no idea how and where the place is and we forgot to describe the place to Ayah. Ayah mungkin ingat tempat tu sangat cozy and tenang je,tapi bila sampai...i can see your face expression and mood changes..hehe..

So tonight we'll have dinner at Williams and in my head is Seafood Pasta!yummy!!ahh...make me hungry laa...always thinking about food and because of food i gained a lot and BB da worry da..(heh!sibuk je pasal weight orang..)
Ha..what else besides Seafood Pasta?BB like Nasi Goreng Ketam.Our first time here we ordered chicken stuffed with hotdog topped with cheese served with mashed potato and sayur bayam (forgot the name!)ow!kat sini tak ada menu ok?so remember what u ate before and ask them.or maybe u can tell them what do u want to eat.

Haa...cepat laa malam..
telan air liur je ni!

Looking forward for tonight late dinner!


p/s:esok pergi Kedah.

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