Thursday, March 5, 2009

cerita hari ini

It was lunch time and it was raining i couldn't go to TM for lunch with the i went downstairs to buy food but the food's finished (tgl sket n tamo!)..unlucky me..

Since it has stop raining,i walked to TM...but!! 1 man stopped me and was asking me question. "Where's UM?" and it followed with many other different questions which is not related to "Where's UM?" why?was he approaching me?(duh~what a question i have in mind!perasan..)
suddenly he pop a question..."can i have ur number?" i was like "huh?kenapa??" but me..being me...easily to give my number to people i don't i gave him!he gave his too!(silly me!! me silly...) ha!he is trying to approach me..(perasan again!) but seems like it's true innit?

ow!this guy,E*** said he is a lecturer in U**..
ok,let me describe him..tall,dark skin (mamak look) & because he's from penang,drive merc (i saw the key!) well dressed...

ok,enuff..saya kena pukau kah?easily let people know my number?
so i said "got to go,parents are waiting!" he then replied "can i drop u off?" so i said "soccay..i don't mind walking..." he said "ok then,call me anytime n we can chat" heh!
so bubbye to him!
huh! what a day...

Told the fiance...and scolded by him..huhu~"senang je bagi number kat org!!" "tatau laa rase laen je?kna pukau ke?" (alasan!!!)

But seriously,i don't know why...this is the 2nd time things like this happened to me..last time was a black man studied at M*U ...

Please,please,please remind me not to talk to strangers!!!

~scary woo~!!

after this,fetch Mama at TM and off to Mak Teh's house...visiting my cousin who gave birth to Aina Damia on 27th January..(da lame dah...)


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