Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday honey!

Waa!!whose birthday??
On 18th March 2009 were Salsa and lil MyVi's birthday!

Salsa Emilda,BB's niece turns 1 and also our lil MyVi...see?they shared the same birth date..

'lil Salsa..happy birthday kiddo!

MyVi chomel!(pinjam gambar kreta Mama dulu,nnt letak lain!)hehe..

I still remember clearly how we both were so happy especially BB to buy his very 1st car..and there are lots of obstacles we've been through,not that he don't have the money or whatsoever but the salesman,whom my mom bought the car with cheat on him.BB didn't noticed at all but i have bad feelings about this.He gave us so many excuses to delay the car,asked money from BB,and many others.We've been waiting for baby MyVi for like 6 months or more,still,BB didn't bother to go to the shop and ask about the car (ow!that stupi* salesman only met us somewhere not at the shop and will only ask money only via SMS!!seriously i don't trust him..).

Ok!Since BB had a tour to Japan,i decided to find out what's the problem behind all these delay and everything.I went to the shop with his sister and brother in-law and found out that the stupi*est salesman are no longer working there(kicked by his boss because of cheating on customers!).Ha!!i was shocked!BB even game him almost RM1000 before.

So i went straight to the nearby police station to lodge a police report about this case and my case were refer to HQ in Melaka.So the sergeant at HQ asked me the details and everything and gave him a call.(Bodo*!serve u right!!!)The sergeant gave him 3/4 days to settle,means return all the money to my account.Later after that he called me and begging me to drop the case.Why should i?that's your problem!So i said to him,if u want me to drop the case,give me back our money!So he replied,ok,give me few days to settle.

Before that,the sergeant ask me to find any proof that i already transferred the money to his account (His boss gave us his IC copy,account number,and telephone number).Luckily we have a friend who work at Maybank and he helped us alot!Thanks buddy!

BB doesn't know anything about this but that stup*d salesman call him in Japan!So i have to tell him everything and said to him,i'll handle this while u are away..

So the stup*d man gave back the money to BB's mom(because he don't trust me..boleh tak?) and later Mak gave me the money..hehe!

So the case settled (still he owed us RM100) and on 18th March 2008,we took our 'lil one home..Sayang MyVi.. :D

Happy Birthday kiddos!!

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