Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sydney Trip (Day 2)

The second day at Sydney
August 2nd, 2008

Woke up not so early that day. Had roti canai for breakfast and get ready for our first ever tour.

roti canai in Sydney!!! =)

So everyone seems like very excited!ow!This time we have a new ride an 7 seater MPV (Hyundai iMax.Here, in Malaysia,they call it as Hyundai Starex)

So as usual,us the not-camera-shy person shoot pictures here and there infront of the house while enjoying the view in Bankstown.

Adek & me (Adek saket perut,remember he vomited the night before?)

#There are many other pictures snapped (from TokYah,Ayah,Syujak,Syafik,Syahirah,Maksu/Paksu,& mine) but i guess not neccessary laa..hehe..

So we hoped in our cars (XC90=Maksu,Paksu,TokYah,Syafik,Diina,Naiim & Adek. iMAX=Ayah,Mama,MakTok,NekIncik,Syujak,Syahirah & I) and starts the journey to The Blue Mountains.

Argh!Seriously i totally forgot how many hours to get there but i do remember on our way there,we stopped somewhere near Bankstown and Maksu bought 10 pcs of pizza!!yummy!!And i slept through the half way.hehe..

So we were there on the Blue Mountains Hill to see theThree Sisters the famous rock formation. Enjoying the view from the hill (ow!we saw a castle and the distance is quite far!). Took pictures and ayah bought a book about the Three Sisters there.

us without syujak sbb dia yg amek gmbr! on the Blue Mountain with Three Sisters at the back

After that,we headed back to the car and eat pizza (for lunch!) and rushed to The Featherdale Wild Life Park (this is a petting zoo!) Solat at the car park and bought tickets and we're in.Had a very happy time with the animals especially the koalas,kangaroos and wallabies.

The favourite time here was when we us,the sibs and the 3 cousins collecting stamps for our passport!Love that moment when we race to the stamping area.Macam kanak2.

me feeding the wallabies (takut/geli)tapi nak jugak..bukan selalu pun!hehe..

So we spent few hours there and went back home.Took our bath (even in cold!),and had dinner.Soon after that after chit-chatting,tido pulak..continue our journey the next day.

See ya!

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