Wednesday, March 18, 2009

North trip

Yeps!on Friday, the Family and me went up to the north to attend my second cousin's wedding (the solemnisation and bersanding)
I took a leave on Friday as we're going as early as 7.
So the journey began..
Ayah drove Naza all the way to Kulim,Kedah.But we stopped at Tapah to meet up with the others, the groom's family,and my other family we had a quick breakfast at the stop before heading the highway to continue the journey.I wanted to sleep along the way,but unfortunately,i can't..don't know why..

Meters away from Tapah,Pak Teh stopped to go to toilet and the groom's car waited for us while the others continue their journey.After a while,we get back to our car and hit the highway,but suddenly,the groom's car pull over.


Ha!There goes the answer...his windscreen pecah!see the big hole on the passenger's site?Batu yang buat..and unlucky groom was at the passenger seat and lucky-him,he was wearing sun-glasses...hmm..


So us,Pakteh,Ayah and him kena drive very slowly and the groom tak pecahkan cermin tu.On our way towards Bandar Baharu exit,we saw Pak Busu on the emergency lane.Problems with his car pulak!!Temperature kereta was so high!

While waiting,before Bandar Baharu exits.

Lepas penat tunggu semua,we hit the road once again and reached Kulim Inn around 2pm.While the others stayed there,my Family and i stayed at Seri Malaysia,Kulim.

After checked in,had lunch and rest a while before we head off to Kulim Inn to meet them and off to the mosque where the solemnisation ceremony were held.
(Ow!we even received a wedding invitationfrom the GM hotel,his bro's wedding!)

Ok!Alhamdulillah...they are now husband and,lepas the groom solat sunat,went to the bride's house,makan-makan..hehe..

Next day,we had breakfast at Pelita Nasi Kandar (yea,KL pun ada..) at first,we're going to Hainan Kopitiam,but the shop hasn't open yet..da pukul 9.30am kot?Ok,so i had roti telur with milo kosong,syujak=roti kosongx2 with milo ais+ais kosong+telur separuh masak,syafik=roti sardin with horlicks,mama=roti kosong with teh panas and ayah=roti kosng with kopi +telur separuh masak.

After breakfast,ayah pusing2 around the town looking for pasar.Almost 11am,baru jumpa pasar.Mama bought telur itik,buah mangga,air botol Radix,ikan masin,apams..and also instant Radix coffee..

Kat pasar sane,jumpe benda2 ni :

cute lil' chicks

mangga or they call it mempelam

telur itik

ini,kunyit ke?

terung muda..kot?sebab warna hijau..

timun yg kecil-kecil..comelnye!

ini,ikan keli yg best bila dah masak!

So,around 12 balik bilik,siap2 terus and check out.Went to Kulim Inn to meet them before head off to bride's house.As usual,kompang-kompang,tepung tawar,makan-makan..and balik (us!)

ini,gambar saya ambil dari belakang


So afte we had lunch,as planned we hit the road again to Alor Star.This time,Paklong & fam,Pak Teh & fam,Abg Yan & fam Busu & fam and me& fam yang pergi.It took 11/2 to 2 hours to reach Alor Star.So sampai Alor Star around 4 something.Ayah kena cari hotel untuk the uncles since diorang semua last minute baru bagitau nak pergi sekali.Jalan2 and i found Regency Hotel near to the famous Pasar Rabu(nama je pasar rabu,tapi hari2 pun bukak!:)) So Ayah booked for 5 rooms including!

Lagi best,near to the hotel ada Maha Klinik,which is Dr.Mahathir first owned clinic.


That night xde banyak aktiviti sebab semua orang da shopping kt pasar rabu and malam ada AF7..huh!Bros and me walked to find dinner,unfortunately most of the kedai do not sell nasi..(ha?bukanke Kedah ni sawah padi terbentang luas?how come no rice at all?da 3 kedai pergi tuh!).At last,McD jugak yang jadi santapan makan malam.Ow!sempat beli Twilight! :)

Esok tu after breakfast,mandi2 and pack barang terus ayah checkout all the rooms.Sebelum bertolak pergi Perlis,check kereta Pak Busu dekat workshop,if dah ok boleh ambil dan guna pergi Perlis..and Alhmdulillah da gerak pergi Perlis dalam pukul 12 lebih..da lewat sebenarnya..So,sampai Perlis dalam pukul 2 camtu terus ayah bawak pergi lunch kt Anjung Keli..walla!best!

Ni laa nama kedai tu!


Lepas habes makan terus je pergi Padang Besar sempadan Thai tu untuk shopping..(apekah?)



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