Friday, June 17, 2011

1 year and still brand new


It has been more than a year since i got married.Not that i am busy doing house chores like every other wives did but i jez don't feel like updating or recording my marriage life through blogging..hehe..

Well, I am extremely happily married to my darling husband who cares for me more than before..owh how i love to be married to him,thank you Allah for a wonderful husband..
Since we got married,we've been hoping and praying for the little one but Allah knows better.Only after 7th month of marriage, the good news came..I was so shocked and shaking as i never ever thought the little one has found his way,finally..haha..=D
Husband is a one happy man...and i can see the happiness and excitement of becoming a father in his eyes...and of coz i am happy too plus with nervous and everything but i am glad and thankful everyone around me has been so supportive and caring.

Well since i got pregnant, like every other pregnant mother i faced the same morning sickness except i had it every evening starting from 4pm onward which i can't take my meal at all coz i'll end up throwing up what i ate and being flat..unfortunately husband wasn't around to be by my side during evening as he has training session but he is sweet enough to cook dinner for me before he left for training..(even though he knew i cannot eat dinner..huhu~)and during this 1st trimester i drop a few kgs..

On my 2nd trimester, everything seems fun and enjoyable..i eat like no one's business..i love eating!and on my 4th month,i felt baby's kick..a very light one..cute tho!=) love it..every now and then darling husband try his best to feel the baby's kick too.On the 5th month, baby's getting bigger and stronger and not only husband can feel the kick but also can see the baby's movement.
I love to hear and look at husband when he talks to our baby...believe me,he didn't talk to other babies like he did to our baby..he was so sweet!And the baby listens to his father more than me..huhu~

Anyway, i am entering my final trimester soon..i pray and hope for a healthy pregnancy (the baby too) and safe delivery,insyaAllah..

Baby sayang, you've brighten the lights in Abah n Mummy's heart...and we both loves you so much even before you were born (and conceive).No words can describe how happy we were when we knew you are there in mummy's womb.We pray for your good health and safety and may your journey in my womb is fun!=) Abah and Mummy are really looking forward to hug u,to cuddle u in our warm arms and to shower you with everlasting love.