Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sydney Trip (Day 1)

This is an entry about my Sydney trip with the family (Ayah, Mama,Syahirah,Syujak,Syafik,MakTok,TokYah and Nek Incik) visiting Maksu and family.

We took off from KLIA (JetStar) around 10pm (can't was long ago) on 31st July 2008.


It took 6-7 hours from KLIA to Kingsford International Airport, Sydney. I slept through the half way..ngantuk sangat! But JetStar is not that bad (note:JetStar is a budget airlines).

We reach Kingsford International Airport around 6/7 am. We were all very excited to gather with Maksu and family especially those 3 kids(cousin) i missed the most.Ow! we arrived on the 1st of August which is on Maksu's birthday!(this is kinda birthday present for her)

look at the happy faces

captured by TokYah

Ah!!what a lovely memory..ow!if only we can capture Naiim's expression the moment he saw us walking towards them..

I remember him screaming his lungs out "WHAT???" i bet you, he was surprised with the surprise!haha...we've been planning this trip months back and maksu kept this suprise from her kids (Diina,Naiim & Adik) to surprise them...AND they're very surprise + excited..(well...we're their favourite cousins..according to them especially Naiim & Adik) ~wink-wink~

So..there were 2 cars (both maksu & paksu's = XC90 & err..lupelaa!) and 14 of us including Maksu and family + many big luggage and ayah have to hire another car to drive to Maksu's house..

while waiting for them to uploading the luggage

Maksu drives the red car which carry all the luggage with Naiim, Paksu drives the XC90 with me,Adik,Diina,Maktok,Tokyah & NekIncik as the passenger while Ayah drives Toyota sedan with the others (Mama,Syahirah,Syujak & Syafik).

Ayah,while waiting for the car

Traffic was quite busy that day..and Ayah missed our car and headed to a beach (forgot the name of the beach).Paksu turned back to find Ayah while Maksu drove home and wait for us (preparing breakfast!!haha..)

We all reach home and had Nasi Lemak for our breakfast and right after that, we were all enjoying the house and the kids too despite our tiredness...but we can only manage not long enough and started feeling sleepy and ZZZzzzz....


Later that evening around 4pm we woke up and Ayah wanted to go to the nearest Mall with the Toyota. Ayah,Mama,Syahirah and I went to the Mall.Bought some fruits,sodas & juices, chips and also...a Birthday Cake for Maksu!(we bougth candles too as it doesnt come with candles!) ow! the cake is from Michelle..yummylicious!!!

Back at home,we hide the cake in the kids room and had dinner..Later after that call up my sibs and the kids to prepare the suprise..We put on the candles and i helped them to carry the cake to Maksu and we sang Birthday song..and again,Maksu was surprised!

The yummylicious chocolate cake!!

Naiim shared the same birth date (Hijr year)

After the cake cutting session, it's time for family photo-shooting time...

All of us!!

And it is time to sleep..


Syahirah and I couldn't we chit-chatting and...suddenly i heard someone vomit...ow..poor we helped Maksu & Paksu to clean up..

Ahh...sleeping time...long journey tomorrow..

(it's winter in OZ!)sejuk!!!

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