Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekend & Barbecue + Birthday Party! (planning part)

Last Sunday was superb...everything was well organized..

Planned 2 weeks before to celebrate Acik's 50th surprise birthday celebration..(ow!including Syujak,22nd Feb, MakTok, 17th March and PakCik Nan's 3rd March)



  • Salad
Main Course
  • Soto
  • Grilled Beef
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Grilled Kerang
  • Grilled Ikan Pari
  • Mashed Potato
  • Fruits (watermelon,papaya)
  • Fruits Tartlet
  • Jelly Cendol
  • Talam Ubi
  • Calamansi & Asam Boi
2 cakes :
  • Tiramisu by Secret Recipe
  • Zen Chocolate Cake by Zen(by Secret Recipe)

  • Birthday Party Banner
  • 50th Birthday Banner
  • 50th Balloons
  • A.C.I.K (printed by Syujak)
The invitation note!

It's barbecue nite!!!

Dear beloved family..u are cordially invited to celebrate Acik Khairi's 50th b'day together with syujak,abg iwan,maktok,n pakcik nan's birthday..
Venue:5119-C Jln D*** P********

Be there!!

Saturday (07/03/09)

We were all very excited and looking forward for the Sunday occasion and i believe Acik has no idea about this. Ayah even bought a new grill which cost him RM4k plus..(waa!!!excitednye..!)
So i start preparing on Saturday,went out with BB cari ikan pari,ikan parang n kupang..after cari2 session..we went to Mahkota Parade..(bought a pair of tights n nike shirt = RM130++) and had a late lunch at Sushi King..(i really want to have salmon skin or cooked salmon..poor me,salmon skin n cooked/fried salmon finished!)

ok-ok..back to the plan..

BB and I even jalan-jalan tepi pantai (Pantai Puteri) cari ikan..even though masa tu hujan..

BB sent me home around 7pm...BB took home the pari to marinate and i gave him half of the kupang.

Sunday (08/03/09)

Mama and Ayah went out early in the morning and bought chicken and beef and veges and fruits too!

I start with kupas2 bawang, halia and all before blending them together and marinate the chicken..
The beef was cut into block by Syahirah and marinated by Ayah (black pepper and salt)

Finished marinating,Syahirah and I went out to buy the deco and cakes. So we went to Tesco and bought : 100 plus,the decos,potatoes,and some other things i can't recall!
After paying, we headed to Dataran Pahlawan to buy cake from Zen by Secret Recipe...but the traffic was hectic!Melaka jam??(memang weekend macam ni..sigh~)

Bought the cake!so headed home and send the cake but Ayah once again asked us to go to Jusco to buy tapai with ice cream (??) and also sauce form Nando's.ow!and 9volt battery too..but before that,i already bought Tiramisu form Secret Recipe.

And we rushed back home to collect the soto from BB's house (Mak and KakLong cooked for us!)

to be continued...(the arrival and the surprise and the cebrations!!!surprise!!!!)

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