Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dinner at Williams

So on Thursday night we had a late diiner at Williams around 10 pm.
On the table were, Ayah,Mama,Syahirah,Syujak,Dayat,Syafik,BB and me..
We ordered:
Nasi Goreng Ketam x 1

Nasi Goreng Seafood ( or maybe squid with apetah eh?i don't remember...) x1

Seafood Pasta in Olive Oil (this one's my favourite!!) x1

Mix Anti-Pesto x 2 (Haa..this one order 2 plates..y?Ayah suke,tapi tak habes pun..)

And drinks:

Ribena + Longan Blended

Mango Special (Blended)

Okay those are the foods and drinks we ordered.We're full to the max that night with superlicious dinner with the loved ones...

Long journey next day...Later!

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