Saturday, January 28, 2012

Her name

I was the one who got excited finding,choosing and selecting my baby's name. I wanted AA as her father's name is also AA.

FYI,ever since i knew i was pregnant, i have this feeling telling me that i/m pregnant with baby,most of the names i chose was boy's name.Later when we went for check up, the doctor told us we're having a girl then only I search for her name...I always wanted 'Ayesha' as our baby's name.

At last after husband agree and i asked my grandpa and my father baru la register nama 'Ayra Ayesha'.

Ayra - respectable
Ayesha - Living, well-off, well-to-do, prosperous.wife of the Prophet Muhammad and daughter of Kahlifa Abu Bakr.

May Ayra Ayesha membesar menjadi orang yg dihormati sepanjang hidupnya.Mummy and Abah doakan semua yang terbaik untuk baby mummy and abah..=) we both love u unconditionally,eternally..

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ayra Ayesha - Moment of giving birth to a beautiful baby

Ayra Ayesha was born on 13 September 2011 at 1753 hours,weighing at 3.5 kg and 52 cm length..

Ayra mmg baby yang sangat behave n easy to take care of.Ramai yang manjakan Ayra so Ayra da biasa ada orang around her,especially my younger brother.He's the one yang help me a lot.Tidurkan Ayra,play with her,help me to bath her n everything..thank u so much.Selain dia,of coz la mama,mom in law,sis in law n semua laa..=)

I da rasa saket few days before gave birth.Went for monthly check up at MMC and bagitau doc regarding the pain at my below abdomen,sakit mcm period pain tu..doc check and it was 1.5cm opening..terkejut sgt sbb masa tu baru 36weeks n few days..doc said,klu rasa lebih sakit jez dtg hosp if not,tgu the other week for another check up.On 10 sept,da rasa sakit,but still igt nk ke hospital,tp boleh tidur so x pergi...but the next day,pergi jgk after Maghrib..buat CTG,contraction ada but not dat strong.nurse pun ada buat VE but surprisingly opening baru 1cm?doc ask to see him d next day..

12th September:
Pergi MMC with SIL n again,doc buat it's 3cm!and kena admit jugak that day..maybe deliver hari tu jugak.Kesian husband,dia baru je blk kl n kna blk mlk semula..but before blk mlk,dia fetch my family kt airport sbb diorang pergi wedding my cousin kt kelantan.So later ptg tu,br la check in kt hospital..MIL & SIL yg teman..time ni tak rasa takut ke apa..sakit pun tak rasa.Masa mama,husband and adik2 sampai pun I still ok lg.Petang around 6,doctor dtg chk lg..still mcm tu jgk..dia tanya if nk I nk induce ke tak,tp husband's not around so I said not now..(if not baby klua mlm tu jgk kn?)
Tido malam kt hospital with husband,rasa sweet je sbb that was the last nite we both sleep together (as in 2 orang) before baby kluar.Tido malam x rasa saket sgt pun,sikit2 je n bearable.

13 September 2011:
Pagi tu nurse dtg bg ubat utk kluarkn segala isi perut..hehe..=) then baru doctor dtg.Masa tu husband da blk rumah utk shower.Bila doctor check,xde progress apa2 pun,so he decides utk induce..n me?ok doctor insert the pill n told me not to move for at least 2 or 4 hours (x ingat how long..da la x mandi pagi lagi..) So I told everybody yang doc da induce pkl 8am..maybe tgh hari da boleh ke labor room.still I don't feel any major pain.after few hours,I took my bath and that was the last time I bathe with big tummy..=> told husband to bring me for a walk in d ward because I started to feel uneasy.x sampai 50m walks pun da rasa mcm nk blk ke bilik semula.Around 12pm doctor came n check me again n he said "now u're in active labor!" so bersiap la I untuk ke labor room..ask for forgiveness from husband,my mom n dad n everyone else.Husband followed me to d LR.In LR,i changed my cloth to their gown n nurse asked me to lie on a bed with many unfamiliar things around me.I remembered on my right side was a baby bassinet.Am I nervous?NO,seriously I don't feel nervous.I still can make jokes with husband n updating status on FB,uploading picture on FB and reply to every single comments on FB till I said to husband,"b,the pain is getting stronger,can u pls call the nurse here?" yes,the contraction is getting stronger but jarak sakit tu bkn tanda nak bersalin time tu pun.I was like "eh?ni da sakit ni,belum bole push ke?" time ni mmg da x igt da dia punya sakit.Dari rasa bilik tu sejuk sgt sampai sweating teruk!I asked my husband to kipas kn n basahkan muka..many times!kesian dia..when he stops,I suruh dia kipas balik..even though dalam hati tau yang dia mesti lenguh kipas I.
I asked for air zam-zam to drink n husband sambung lagi kipas2 n basahkan muka I.Nurse dtg check opening baru 7 ke 8cm,dia ckp belum blh push but she will help.She asked me to try push and i did.For a first timer,ape pun tak jadik!I, at first screamed but the nurse told me not to because that will make me weaker sbb menjerit pun perlukan energy.i push and push.Nurse ask me to lie on my side n push.i tried but i don't fancy that position(boleh plk kn?)so i changed my position to where my legs are wide open.Doc came and said i'm doing good.Apa yang I ingat ramai nurse kat dalam LR mcm pom pom girl pun ye jgk sbb semua macam bersorak including husband.Doc ada tanya husband berani tak nak tengok kepala baby?Dia tengok ok??I sampai nk surrender da time tu sebab da sgt9 exhausted.At last baby kena vacuum keluar.

1753H,13 September 2011:
Baby Ayra was born at 1753H on 13/9/11...she didn't cry at all..i remembered pushing sooo hard and i said to my self and Allah.."if this is my last breath,thank you Allah for giving me this experience and please save my baby.." i said that because i don't think i can make it anymore as i was toooo exhausted and tired..i don't have energy to push anymore.Alhamdulillah everything went well.Ayra did not cry when she's out from my womb sbb I kena bius masa nak vacuum tu so dia pun sama effect.But she's ok..When the doctor put her on my tummy,i can only smile...=)to my husband and said baby kite..(tatau laa terkeluar ke tak suara time ni..) Oh iheard the docator said Your baby is quite big,she's 3.5 kg..lari dari apa yang saya estimate!!see...bukan saya yanga banyak pun ok?
Masa doctor nk kluarkan uri,paed da dtg utk check baby..husband nampak dia terbalikkan baby goncang sume..tatau la tu procedure ke apa..lepas tu sesi menjahit pula while baby da siap2 di bawa ke nursery utk di warmkn sebelum di qamatkn and dimandikan.
Time ni memang x sabar2 nk kluar from LR dgn harapan dpt jumpa husband and baby and of course with all the family yang da lamaaaa tunggu kat luar.

First night mmg tak boleh tidur..tak sabar nak balik rumah,tak sabar nak ambil baby semualaa...macam tak percaya now da bertiga!ni laa moment yang paaaaaaaaling indah dalam hidup I. Thank you Allah for giving me the chance..Alhamdulillah..


Friday, June 17, 2011

1 year and still brand new


It has been more than a year since i got married.Not that i am busy doing house chores like every other wives did but i jez don't feel like updating or recording my marriage life through blogging..hehe..

Well, I am extremely happily married to my darling husband who cares for me more than before..owh how i love to be married to him,thank you Allah for a wonderful husband..
Since we got married,we've been hoping and praying for the little one but Allah knows better.Only after 7th month of marriage, the good news came..I was so shocked and shaking as i never ever thought the little one has found his way,finally..haha..=D
Husband is a one happy man...and i can see the happiness and excitement of becoming a father in his eyes...and of coz i am happy too plus with nervous and everything but i am glad and thankful everyone around me has been so supportive and caring.

Well since i got pregnant, like every other pregnant mother i faced the same morning sickness except i had it every evening starting from 4pm onward which i can't take my meal at all coz i'll end up throwing up what i ate and being flat..unfortunately husband wasn't around to be by my side during evening as he has training session but he is sweet enough to cook dinner for me before he left for training..(even though he knew i cannot eat dinner..huhu~)and during this 1st trimester i drop a few kgs..

On my 2nd trimester, everything seems fun and enjoyable..i eat like no one's business..i love eating!and on my 4th month,i felt baby's kick..a very light one..cute tho!=) love it..every now and then darling husband try his best to feel the baby's kick too.On the 5th month, baby's getting bigger and stronger and not only husband can feel the kick but also can see the baby's movement.
I love to hear and look at husband when he talks to our baby...believe me,he didn't talk to other babies like he did to our baby..he was so sweet!And the baby listens to his father more than me..huhu~

Anyway, i am entering my final trimester soon..i pray and hope for a healthy pregnancy (the baby too) and safe delivery,insyaAllah..

Baby sayang, you've brighten the lights in Abah n Mummy's heart...and we both loves you so much even before you were born (and conceive).No words can describe how happy we were when we knew you are there in mummy's womb.We pray for your good health and safety and may your journey in my womb is fun!=) Abah and Mummy are really looking forward to hug u,to cuddle u in our warm arms and to shower you with everlasting love.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

5 more days..

da lama sangat tak has been a very hectic days...with job yang tak pernah akan selesai with wedding preparation..and tiba-tiba da tinggal 5 hari je to our wedding..

hopefully everything will goes well as planned, insyaAllah..

5 hari je lagi..wee~~

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

7th year together!

Dear sayang,
Since the last 7th year,u've been such a wonderful,understanding & loving lover, boyfriend and fiance to me.Thank u so much for that and i want to thank u also for always there for me when i need u the most even though u are far away..thanks!

The obstacles we've been through along our 7th year relationship taught me how to be more mature in a way (but i know,u still see me as one dependable fiancee). =) I'm improving!hehe..

Soon, 3 months from now, we'll be husband n wife and may our love & romance last forever, insyaAllah..


p/s : yesterday,6th February arwah nenek tersayang setahun pergi menghadap Allah.. u nek..=(

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wedding Preparation & Contest!

Lame giler x sibukkan diri depan laptop utk blogging..bukan malas,tp sangat2 pack ok time sy skrg ni..stress!!
wedding few months away, kerja pun baru je start,nak kna undergo training lagi...nak handover directorshipTAD lagi..banyak sgt2!!

ouh!!i personally nak welcome diri sendiri ke dunia perbankan(wut d word la ni...) banking a Maybanker! =p yea...Nina keje kt Maybank!


i've been blog-hopping je all this while, yang best nye.......

i jumpe ni!!!
OUTDOOR / POST WEDDING / PRE WEDDING FREE by ahmad fairus through rumah kebaya.
BUT of coz laa ade conditions yg sy kna patuhi...

tgk contoh2 gmbr yg fairus da shoot ni...cantikkan?? =)

cantik?mm..silalah tengok gmbr2 lain kt ahmad fairus photo blog lg..ade banyak lagi gmbr best kt situ..

k, so fairus da melengkapkan salah satu dari list wedding preparation sy! yay!!

so for those yg tgh cari2 lagi wedding photographer blh la jumpe fairus yg friendly ni..n dia ada good & reasonable wedding photography package as well..

till then!