Friday, March 27, 2009


Last night,when i was about to sleep...i felt like something's missing..maybe it's just me or my feelings..but i know that i missed her so much i couldn't tell..

It's been 1 month and 3 weeks since nenek baru passed away..i miss u so much much i couldn't tell,not even single words can describe how i felt.


And when i woke up and refreshed,i remember u visited me in my dreams and brought along the foods u used to cook when you are around..u smiled,u hugged me,kissed me and u left me alone..

Were you really there in my dreams last night?

I wish i could turn back times and spend every minutes i have with u and if u are not here anymore,i won't regret becouse i know when u left us month ago you were missing us so so much!i knew it from you neighbors as they told me few days before,u were keep saying "Jah rindu budak2 tu,tapi Jah fhm diorang sibuk kt KL,kalau diorang blk sini mesti diorang jumpa Jah..."

Nek,do u know how much i regret?I was there every week but i didn't go to your house..


Last time i saw u was,14th December 2008..i noticed u look a bit different,u lost your weight so much,u didn't cry as usual,but u were laughing with me and u were keep saying u will not be there during my wedding day.....

But life must go on...thank u so much for being there whenever i need u,thank u so much for taking care of me and i am so thankful to have u as my nenek even though u are not my biological nenek..

i love u...n i miss u so much!!

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