Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good-bye UK~~

it's 21:20,Tuesday 9th of june...We'll be leaving London tomorrow...

Just a quick flashback where we've been to and what've we done during our stay... ;)

31 May
LCCT-Stansted (naik airasia je sbb cheaper tix means more shopping!!!and tpt stay yg sangat coolness!!)
from LCCT,KL 17:15 and arrived at Stasted London jez before 00:00..

1 June
Took our car..VW and ayah drove to Manchester..we arrived early at the stadium and while waiting for the SHOP the MEGASTORE to open and the tour around the stadium begins...we had our breakfast at the carpark...yeps!!we all kluakan makanan yang telah terbang bersama kami dari Malaysia..hehe..(makanan yg slalu jumpe time raye tuh!!!)lepas makan sume...mulalah photo shoot around there..tapi tak ikut tour tu pun..hehe..jez melawat Megastore jek!!

Lepas beberapa jam kat sane..terus drive off to Liverpool...arrived at the destination,check in at the apartment Lever a lil shopping after that....
(lupe lah!!!!)ade lagi nnt edit lagi...)

2 June
Pack our things,check out and ayah drove off to Edinburgh,Scotland!Edin adalah sangat9 best!!!yes...sangat9!!!so chilly and beautiful...lovin it!!
What we did in Edin?will update later laa... :)

We stayed there for 3 nites!! yippee...and the apartment was super coolness!!

5 June
Arrived at London..checked in at Jacob's Court...
Lotsa shopping!! car..we move around with train..:)

10 June..
tomorrow...will leave London... :( tho i missed home and him so much...i'm sure gonna missed UK especially Edinburgh...i so in love with Edin...

*B,mari berHONEYMOON ke Edinburgh??*

Thanks so much ayah for this wonderful vacay...

ps : Maksu...tunggu yea?? :p