Saturday, May 30, 2009


yay!!!!tomorrow is d day....can't wait! =D

yep!!my family and i will be going to London tomorrow..

so i'll be away for 11 days..

see ya!!


Bubbye frens @ WM

*sangat lame baru nk buat entry ni*

So last Friday on 15th of May to be exact was my last day in's hard to say goodbye..seriously..i've been using the Dell computer at the same desk in the big cubicle of my own and relaxing while blogging doing tasks given by my boss for like almost everyday for 3 months (of coz la x termasuk weekends). I miss my life in WM... ;(

*Encik Boss sila terima saya kembali...huhu~


I started working here somewhere early February...*pst~mula2 saya x suka kerja disini kerana mulut bising saya ni jadi senyap for the first 3 weeks..rakan2 seperti tidak sekepala dengan saya,saya rasalaa..

After 3 weeks i realize that i am the alien among i try to adapt with the situation and environment...AND!!! i am happy..truly enjoy being part of WM family...with the boss yang baik hati,2 collegue guys yg 'baik' a girl yg i thot belum kawen but actually dah ade baby..and another girl yang baru je join WM 1 month before i finish my training.

So,on my final week i did my last task..and i finished the task 2 days early..hehe..i have 2 days lepaking in the office while enjoying my last 2 days there..Ow!Boss did IM me informing me that he will treat us lunch at Chilis on Thursday to celebrate/farewell party or something like that.


But he said Thursday x we had lunch at Chilis KLCC on Wednesday..

*Thank You Encik Boss*

ini Rayner dan Zaki

ini..Encik Boss..Mr.Arif

Haa..this was the day..i didn't do much except compile all documents my boss should sign and clean up my things..Boss IMed me asking me to see him in his office..He thanked me for helping with task given by him and he said i've contribute so much for the company..(am i??) and he also said that i'm doing good for the past 3 months..(huhu~padahal saya blogging jugak ketika waktu pejabat!) Well..i said thanks for giving me the chance...owh!!and he gave me 'angpow'!! :D

After Friday prayers,Syahirah came and brought the cuppies i asked her to bake...they were happy to have the cuppies in the office...even Encik Boss juga teruja!!

Finished enjoy and eating the cuppies and some snacks i brought...we all sambung kerja kembali...

Akhir kata...

"Terima Kasih kawan-kawan di WM..kita jumpa di alam cyber sahaja buat masa ini.." :p

*saye akan upload gambar itu later lah..huhu~*


Where was i?

I was busy settling stuffs before the relaxing n fun holiday and went to college.

College was different..huhu~ 3 months before....the place i used to park my car was there but when i came last 2 weeks the place was under construction and still is...wat ever...i dont wanna know.. =)

saya sangat marah!!
~sebab...saya mungkin x boleh grad sebab mereka tidak transfer credit saya dah isi form credit transfer mase 2007 ok...bodoh!!!
~mereka tidak mahu pulangkan duit saya...saya dah 2 kali isi refund form..saya sudah maki marah mereka di credit control..tunggulah saya buat report ke press ke ape ke...and sila tunggu ayah saya yang garang itu paksa anda keluarkan cash anda masa itu jugak!!owh..sekali dengan kes credit transfer itu jugak!

itu sahaja yang saya tidak berpuas hati dengan college punye orang2 lah...

i felt a bit tense because..i am sick...don't ask..and i don't wanna think about it too...(can i??)

i am looking forward to our vacation!!!yay...
with d family laa...lalalala~1 more day.. =p

ape lagi?
~saye perlu buat bayaran utk book hall itu..
~saye x sabar nk kawen
~saye mahu start kerja cepat2..
~saye mahu sehat..harap2 tiada apa yang serious..
~saye..nak kurus seperti zaman dulu..hehe..saya dah gemuk!sangat berat sehingga tidak larat utk berjalan!!!dah critical tu... =(

ish macam2 lah dalam fikiran ni....tolong jangan serabut boleh tak?huhu..~

*saye rindu kekasih saye tu....haish..apelah!tapi seriyes saye rindu dia...*

till then!!~

Saturday, May 23, 2009

busy bee VS lazy me

i so wanna kinda busy and lazy...

*owh!i jumpe marsha di mahkota..adakah itu anda mummy Qila?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh Adik!!!

Dear Adik,

Kenapalah Adik suka buat cute...You wrote a letter for's cute and i read your letter because semua dah forward your cute letter to the family..hehe..

Adik..i wish i can go to Sydney again so that we can play and do fun things,Bang Ngah, Kak Long with your "favourite cousins"...

I missed those moments when you come to our house...
We love to pamper all of you..
We love playing games with all of you..
We love having meal with all of you...

I still remember when Abah was in the hospital, u guys were at our house..but you guys waited for me to come home from KL (even tho Along Nina balik lambat!)...cutelah kamu semua... i bought u kinder chocolate remember?the egg shape chocolate with toys in it.. :)

And i still remember having lunch with u kids at Holiday Inn...PakNgah,MakNgah,me,Angah Syira,Abg Syujak,Abg Syafik,u,Bang Ngah n Kak was fun.. kan?

I miss u laa kiddies...

Lotsa Love,Hugs & Kissess,
Along Nina...

Jangan mengeluh...

“Kadang² ALLAH sembunyikan matahari..
Dia datangkan petir dan kilat..
kita menangis dan tertanya-tanya,kemana hilangnya sinar..
Rupa²nya.. ALLAH nak hadiahkan kita pelangi..”

*kata-kata and image ni sume pinjam... =) jez nak share with others who read my blog..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

1 year from now

InsyaAllah exactly 1 year from today's date.....i'll be his wifey.. :)
sgt skejap mase berlalu..

18 years ago...we were class mates...(sgt cute!)
7 years ago...we were friends..and still is
6 years ago...we were a pair..and still is
5 months ago..we were engaged..and still is!
today...we are looking forward to our big day.. 1 year from now!!(teruja!)
years ahead...we're hoping that we will always happy and still have each other..

I jez hope that every plans that have been planned will go smoothly..insyaAllah..

There are times i felt sad...
~when 1 year from now..i'll be 'given away' to longer ayah's little girl, mama's bestest friend..
~when 'syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu' will transfer to 'syurga di bawah tapak kaki suami' makes me feel like a woman with big responsibility...
~when the fact that this is the last year to celebrate raya as a semi-single girl with my family..



yes.. they are still my family,my love,my life..and the difference is jez..i'll have my own family..

~kalau dulu x sabar nak kawen but now..i wish i have plenty of times before kawen..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2 more days..

2 more days before i finish my practical in WM...rase mcm skejap je..
Plan after dis?Of coz la cari kerja...
well dis is d list :
- settle final reports
- settle jobs with ayah
- cari kerja lagi
- and d list will grow......

K,i jez finished my lunch with WM's family..6 of us..The boss treat us lunch at Chilis KLCC...because dis is my final week here.. (sob~sob~)

I had burger AND I-can't-finish-it...too big for small tummy?i guess.. :)

Well thanks to d boss n frens for the warm welcome and happy time during my internship...
Glad knowing all of u here.. (isk~)

*nnt sy upload gambar d chilis okayh kawan2?

owh!my best boyfren nk pindah outlet..GENTING!jauh la encik safri!cane nk jumpe lg nnt? isk~ haish....

byk betul perubahan!
neways..good luck to all in your future undertakings!


tag by nini

Upload satu gambar kesukaan anda.

Kenapa suka gambar ni?

er..knp suke?sbb ni gmbr yg last before jadi fiancee dia.. =) tatau la..jez suke je? hehe..

Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?

wah!seriyesli x igt...rasenya mase january hari tu ngn syujak kot?

Lagu terakhir anda dengar?

Entah by afgan

Apa yang anda buat selain selesaikan tag ni?

nothing...baru balik from klcc..(ade keje tp kjp laa..hehe..)

Selain nama sendiri anda suka dipanggil dengan panggilan apa?

er..malu la..BB panggil manje!huhu~ rase best sgt9 disayangi!wah!!! =) or ble time2 ayah panggil sayang and mama panggil along..(mama slalu panggil nama je,klu da panggil along tu manje la tuh mama niy!)

Tag 6 other people :

siape2 je lah yang nk buat..smua dlm list ni perhaps? :P

Friday, May 8, 2009

don't panic!

eyh..its jez me beeing emo biggies k?B've been given time for recovery..(need to use his legs the rest of his life kn?)

yeah...its jez what i felt..

things are doing ok (not great!) but ok..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

putus cinta - emo!

i don't know how should i react and how should i feel when B told me 'bout the news...should i feel sad?happy? both i shall say..

sad - it's his love,his passion,his dreams, his everything (of coz la me n his fam d first!)
happy - more time with me, no injuries...

but seriously i felt sad.. the news was like a big slap on my face..but how does he feel?im sure he's more kecewa than me..

sabar ye sayang?

we'll work things together..listen to ayah's advice..and take each steps carefully one by one and insyaAllah He will answer our prayers..


allergy?mites?what say u..?

It has been few days now and by this time i suppose my itchiness is healed if not 100% but its getting worse..

*sob-sob* it's killing's killing my eyes looking at my spots all over the body..

now,it has spread to my palms,toes, fingers.. isk!

when to see doctor after eating fillet o fish...she said it could be allergy (im allergic to most antibiotics),mites,dust,medicine....huh?
~i ate chicken the last time before this itchiness klua...antibiotics from d chicken perhaps?dunno..
~medicine?i didnt took any medications accept for ubat batu karang..couldnt be..
~mites?from my mattress??mungkin jugak!
~dust?probably yes..mmg slalu x blh kna dust pun!
~what else?err...there's ulat tajam yg singgah on my bed at nite..might be yu lah ulat!

i dunno!

hey...but y this itchiness worsen at nite?when i came back from office?(dusty home?)

ergh!!!geram lah!buruk dah kulit saye...
sedih la camni.. :(

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ergh...the "gatal" side of me

hey!no i'm not dat gatal girl ..jez that this itchiness is driving me insane!!!seriyesly...ugh!i don't get enuff sleep last nite. ngantuk sgt!
i thot i was dreaming when i scratch my hands..but no,i wasn' was real...lotsa bintik2 on my body and it looks fugly!(UGLY)..

when ayah woke me up dis morning...i showed him the bintiks on my body...and said it might be an allergy reactions or something like dat...hokay..

i went to the clinic nearby and d doctor gave me this calamine lotion with 2 oral medications to lessen the itchiness...BUT still it didn't stop. i guess i need an injection..huhu~ doc suggested this,but i refuse because i'll faint after d injection jez like i think maybe i'll get the injection after work...(tawakal je lah!)

can't stand it no more!i've been scratching my knees,hands,palms,stomach,arm pits(huhu~) legs....huh!pls stop my gatal??everyone's staring at me as if i'm the CUTE circus monkey and a BEAUTIFUL walking mummy (because the calamine lotion i applied is in white-ish!)'s funny..embarassing?

*menyesal x amek MC doc bagi tadi...
**owh..this is 2nd last week in WM.. ~sob-sob~

*continue scratching...errrgh!!!