Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekend & Barbecue + Birthday Party! (the arrival,the surprise,and the celebrations!)

So..the first group of guest arrived...(Acik,PakCik Nan, MakTok,TokYah,Bibik and family)

ow!before that i was eyeing on them..and even shut the gate so that we can prepare and everything.When they arrived,i quickly shut all the lights at the terrace where Ayah and BB (were grilling the foods) and Syujak's friends (Dayat,Ali and Ayman) were helping me with the balloons) were there!

I invited them all to the main door (usually,when there's makan-makan at my house they will enter into the house from the terrace.)

So they were all chit-chatting while I was busy making sure all the suprises goes well..
This time,PakCik Wahab arrived with his family.
And once it's all ready, i called up and jemput makan at the terrace..this time everyone macam bagi laluan dekat Acik to go in I standby at the door and slowly open the door and all of us screamed SUPRISSSEE!!!(and on the lights as well)

Haaa...Acik cried when she saw the banners and was speechless and only these "Banyak umur tu,so many numbers!" words came out form her mouth! it!!I love making surprises and Naiim had his too..(will tell ya later!)

So,it's photo-shoot session with the banner as the backdrop(it took sometimes!enjoying the deco made by me n family!)

And after that we had dinner...MakLong Esah and Sara, Kak Mas and Family and Abg Nuar and family arrived.

Everyone enjoyed the food...and even claimed " full!ketat perut ni..and delicious"

While eating,everyone chit-chatting with each other...

Few hours later, we start preparing the cakes.This time we prepared the dining hall.Placed the candles nicely and light them up.Bibik brought the big cake (Acik's cake) while i was holding the smaller cake. Syahirah called Acik in and everybody else...and we sang birthday song together(this time Acik pakai birthday hat tu!) and we repeated singing birthday song again and this time for syujak,maktok and pakcik Nan.

#ow!pls take note : like every other occasion,acara wajib anjuran ayah adalah karaoke!!

After the cake cutting and photo-shoot session,of course la eating the cake!!but,as i mentioned earlier,everyone said they're too full for food..


Later after finished eating the cake,all the guest went back by family..

The one left at home,us the family plus new comer in the family,BB helped cleaning the house..but i told BB to go home and rest!We here can do it..(actually we hand it over to the maid!!evil us..hheh!!)


That's all..

Bubbye..and Happy 50th Birthday Acik!

p/s : later,will upload lotsa pictures!

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