Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2 more days..

2 more days before i finish my practical in WM...rase mcm skejap je..
Plan after dis?Of coz la cari kerja...
well dis is d list :
- settle final reports
- settle jobs with ayah
- cari kerja lagi
- and d list will grow......

K,i jez finished my lunch with WM's family..6 of us..The boss treat us lunch at Chilis KLCC...because dis is my final week here.. (sob~sob~)

I had burger AND I-can't-finish-it...too big for small tummy?i guess.. :)

Well thanks to d boss n frens for the warm welcome and happy time during my internship...
Glad knowing all of u here.. (isk~)

*nnt sy upload gambar d chilis okayh kawan2?

owh!my best boyfren nk pindah outlet..GENTING!jauh la encik safri!cane nk jumpe lg nnt? isk~ haish....

byk betul perubahan!
neways..good luck to all in your future undertakings!



el said...

hai, semoga dpt keje baru,lalui hari2 yang bahagia

Marsha~ said...

semoga cepat dpt keje baru.. :)