Thursday, May 7, 2009

putus cinta - emo!

i don't know how should i react and how should i feel when B told me 'bout the news...should i feel sad?happy? both i shall say..

sad - it's his love,his passion,his dreams, his everything (of coz la me n his fam d first!)
happy - more time with me, no injuries...

but seriously i felt sad.. the news was like a big slap on my face..but how does he feel?im sure he's more kecewa than me..

sabar ye sayang?

we'll work things together..listen to ayah's advice..and take each steps carefully one by one and insyaAllah He will answer our prayers..



MissessShira said...

dia xboleh main hoki lagi ke?

Nor Hidayah said...

saya terpinga-pinga

el said...

kenapa ni apa dah berlaku? boleh share dengan kak long tak?