Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ergh...the "gatal" side of me

hey!no i'm not dat gatal girl ..jez that this itchiness is driving me insane!!!seriyesly...ugh!i don't get enuff sleep last nite. ngantuk sgt!
i thot i was dreaming when i scratch my hands..but no,i wasn't..it was real...lotsa bintik2 on my body and it looks fugly!(UGLY)..

when ayah woke me up dis morning...i showed him the bintiks on my body...and said it might be an allergy reactions or something like dat...hokay..

i went to the clinic nearby and d doctor gave me this calamine lotion with 2 oral medications to lessen the itchiness...BUT still it didn't stop. i guess i need an injection..huhu~ doc suggested this,but i refuse because i'll faint after d injection jez like usual..heheh..so i think maybe i'll get the injection after work...(tawakal je lah!)

can't stand it no more!i've been scratching my knees,hands,palms,stomach,arm pits(huhu~) legs....huh!pls stop my gatal??everyone's staring at me as if i'm the CUTE circus monkey and a BEAUTIFUL walking mummy (because the calamine lotion i applied is in white-ish!)..it's funny..embarassing?

*menyesal x amek MC doc bagi tadi...
**owh..this is 2nd last week in WM.. ~sob-sob~

*continue scratching...errrgh!!!

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Nor Hidayah said...

jangan lupa rajin2 sapu ubat dan pergi injek ...kekeke