Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bubbye frens @ WM

*sangat lame baru nk buat entry ni*

So last Friday on 15th of May to be exact was my last day in's hard to say goodbye..seriously..i've been using the Dell computer at the same desk in the big cubicle of my own and relaxing while blogging doing tasks given by my boss for like almost everyday for 3 months (of coz la x termasuk weekends). I miss my life in WM... ;(

*Encik Boss sila terima saya kembali...huhu~


I started working here somewhere early February...*pst~mula2 saya x suka kerja disini kerana mulut bising saya ni jadi senyap for the first 3 weeks..rakan2 seperti tidak sekepala dengan saya,saya rasalaa..

After 3 weeks i realize that i am the alien among i try to adapt with the situation and environment...AND!!! i am happy..truly enjoy being part of WM family...with the boss yang baik hati,2 collegue guys yg 'baik' a girl yg i thot belum kawen but actually dah ade baby..and another girl yang baru je join WM 1 month before i finish my training.

So,on my final week i did my last task..and i finished the task 2 days early..hehe..i have 2 days lepaking in the office while enjoying my last 2 days there..Ow!Boss did IM me informing me that he will treat us lunch at Chilis on Thursday to celebrate/farewell party or something like that.


But he said Thursday x we had lunch at Chilis KLCC on Wednesday..

*Thank You Encik Boss*

ini Rayner dan Zaki

ini..Encik Boss..Mr.Arif

Haa..this was the day..i didn't do much except compile all documents my boss should sign and clean up my things..Boss IMed me asking me to see him in his office..He thanked me for helping with task given by him and he said i've contribute so much for the company..(am i??) and he also said that i'm doing good for the past 3 months..(huhu~padahal saya blogging jugak ketika waktu pejabat!) Well..i said thanks for giving me the chance...owh!!and he gave me 'angpow'!! :D

After Friday prayers,Syahirah came and brought the cuppies i asked her to bake...they were happy to have the cuppies in the office...even Encik Boss juga teruja!!

Finished enjoy and eating the cuppies and some snacks i brought...we all sambung kerja kembali...

Akhir kata...

"Terima Kasih kawan-kawan di WM..kita jumpa di alam cyber sahaja buat masa ini.." :p

*saye akan upload gambar itu later lah..huhu~*

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