Thursday, May 7, 2009

allergy?mites?what say u..?

It has been few days now and by this time i suppose my itchiness is healed if not 100% but its getting worse..

*sob-sob* it's killing's killing my eyes looking at my spots all over the body..

now,it has spread to my palms,toes, fingers.. isk!

when to see doctor after eating fillet o fish...she said it could be allergy (im allergic to most antibiotics),mites,dust,medicine....huh?
~i ate chicken the last time before this itchiness klua...antibiotics from d chicken perhaps?dunno..
~medicine?i didnt took any medications accept for ubat batu karang..couldnt be..
~mites?from my mattress??mungkin jugak!
~dust?probably yes..mmg slalu x blh kna dust pun!
~what else?err...there's ulat tajam yg singgah on my bed at nite..might be yu lah ulat!

i dunno!

hey...but y this itchiness worsen at nite?when i came back from office?(dusty home?)

ergh!!!geram lah!buruk dah kulit saye...
sedih la camni.. :(

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