Friday, April 24, 2009


when i got home after work yesterday..the whole 'wisteria lane' looks weird..."why is everybody sitting's getting dark folks!!" ceh..

yeah..its weird when everybody is sitting outside of their houses be it babies,old lady,young man..everybody!

ow!!no electricity...haish!!i'm to get in?no torch lights and candles...(takot2!)
called ayah to tell him...he said call BB or syahirah...huaa...(i'm tired and i jez need my bed so i can sleep...)

i tried to call BB many times but he didn't answer his pone..."where are u b?"
called syhirah and she said she couldnt save me...

huaa...what else can i do??luckily i have my new twilight series with me the 'breaking dawn' which syafik bought the day before (i'll pay u back when i haf d money!bkn xde duwet okay...dia yg insist guna duit dia..lalala~) since BB didn't answer his phone, i called ayah again and ayah asked me to wait for him and we had dinner at pappa rich near puteri..

when we reached home,still no electricity but i bought 2 torchlights for me and ayah..
waited until we fall asleep...coulnt stand the heat (kononlah!) + sleepy eyes..
so arund 2.30 am baru ade....



Marsha~ said...

huhu.. sgt tak suka takde letrik.. prefer tido dalam ketalah mcm tu sebab mcm takleh nafas je kalau takde kipas.. huhuhu

N.I.N.A said...

btul! =)