Wednesday, April 8, 2009

jom kawen?

I jez checked the ticker below's 1year & 6months till our wedding day!!!yay!
yea..i kno,lame lagi..tapi bialaa..we're not ready..mental,physically,FINANCIAL,and other little things..siape tanak kawen cepat2 kalau da ade dia dpn mate+parents yang da bagi restu and everything...tapi,pls understand that we're not ready...tq! =)

So,we have the date(s) but tamo reveal dulu lah..later aje!and the parents also blom lagi discuss and agree with the date we choose...hehe..suke2 je pilih date!but its our day,so haf to lah kan?

What we both know is,the nikah will be on friday,mak already bought the kain for me but the color x match with BB's baju(kna cari baru..) and all my wedding dress nak hantar jahit kat Alice,(tpt maksu jahit wedding dress dolu).I really want to go to JKT&BDO utk cari2 baju and all (ayah nk bli kain byk2!!)

-JKT&BDO end of dis year
-cari or survey2 brg hantaran (bole bli di london?wah!!)
-list out sume name guest so boleh agak2!

-hantar baju jahit
-bli brg2 hantaran little by little
-early 2010,confirm hall kt (put*****a)
-mak andam kt maybank atas tuh,kna tanye..
-kursus kawen
-bli jewelriess for me n cincin for him
-confirm ape nak bg guest kt mlk & p*******a)
-khemah da tau amek kt sape (same mcm mase tunang arituh!)
-wedding theme
-and tahape2 yang da list tp x igt..

waa!!berterabo sumenye..

BB,jom kawen?

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