Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Last monday went to Pantai Hospital to see Dr.I***A. I told her my problems and everything,she did ultrasound on me and she said everything in here looks fine,even the lining is clear,the bleeding thing was from somewhere else...


I have to wait for the result,yes she did something on me and send the blood sample to lab and i am risau-risau waiting for her or maybe her assistant to call...(takot!)

hmm...penantian yang sangat lama!!..~sigh(again!)~

Okay,Mama is here since monday till this coming friday...and on friday,cousin kawen lagi..(ramainye kazen kawen dis yer!!!)haish..

Its been a week since BB went to far,his team;Malaysia da menang 2 games... =)

oklaa..tatau nk crite ape..


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