Friday, April 10, 2009

Wedding : #1

Seriously,suddenly rasa macam tak cukup hari,masa and smualah bila mama ckp ayah nak wedding nnt masa may next year! ~gulp~

I've been planning to have my wedding after raya, which is during october or so..but when ayah said he want it to be may next year,i suddenly became unprepared....phuh!help me!!
~yeah,i kno...1 year from now,but for me yang x kerja lagi ni rasa cukup ke masa nk ade duit banyak2 nih?~

I don't know what to start first,which is which shold be the first thing to prepare and what to prepare,the planning and everything and rasa macam susah je nk plan wedding,especially this is the first wedding in my family...

i need guides untuk prepare niy smua..but how?isk...~sigh~

What i am planning to do :
  1. find and buy wedding outfit for all three receptions as i already have my nikah outfit + find also my fiance's reception outfit?(dunno!)
  2. find and buy all the aunts and uncles kain untuk buat baju (ayah's idea)
  3. barang2 hantaran both me and fiance
  4. wedding favors x decide (thot of baking sendiri..(syahirah la tuh!)
  5. wedding card ( i'll design for both me and fiance's W.card---nk save cost kononnye!)
  6. guest list (da buat and kna tambah lagi!)
  7. cari bridal make-up terbaik kt mlk (tamo amek yg ms engage..)
  8. cari photographer...(hmmph!)


~sigh~ xpe..pasnih discuss btul2 ngn ayah ,mama and mak!


fify_alisara89 said...

hi..akum!!!kenal x?nk kahwin bulan 5 ke?erm..ok la tu...klu nk fy bantu untuk preparation ur wedding..leh aje..ckp je...photograper?ada...mak up..ada..semua kenal..hehehehe...

N.I.N.A said...

wah!!nk free sume boleh ke?