Thursday, April 23, 2009

ALDO lagiy!

yesterday i was supposed to start working on the video tutorial that has been postponed for 3 weeks i the boss installed the software in my pc and walla!but when i go online,the server was like very slow...and today too! (*_*)
haish...y laa????

ok so i went back home and called ayah and he wanted to have dinner with us (read:syafik,syahirah & me) but syahirah couldn't come,lotsa assignments she said...and off we go to italiannies,sunway Pyramid. We had caesar salad,shrimp aglio olio, adn pizza (forgot the name!hehe..)
Too much for three person..we packed home the pizza and finished it this morning for breakfast..
yummy!(but expensive?) ;)

Today,went out a while to send Syafik to Puduraya and off to Times Square with ayah...yes,straight to Aldo..huhu~
When i walked in,the guy promoter was smiling awkwardly because he saw me holding Aldo's plastic bag (so not saving the earth!!) and asked "yea?(not yes!) why?" <---very 'kurang ajar'
im a customer okayh?
so i said...i bought this shoe last sunday and when i brought this shoe home i realized that the lining used is pig skin and he replied but you cannot change and we cannot refund your money...
(hey can you jez check with your upper boss/line first before u can answer me like that???) i explained,i understand but what can u do if i cannot use this a muslim it is haram to use this kind of shoe...
than this 'malay' girl came out..'ye laa kak..kite xde jual kulit babi..saye pasti ni bukan kulit babi'.
i asked her how do u know?can u tell me?
she replied this skin is jez a pattern.. '
i asked her back do u know how it look like?
she said no..
she said NO ya'll!!!
bodow kn?
i turned to ayah..ayah asked them what they can do?they said they can do nothing..hmm!ayah marah laa..i want to talk to your boss!call them now! (hambik kau!aku ckp elok2 ko kna kn aku!)
simple...when ayah talked to their boss,Doris..she said if u think there's no assuarance..u can change..!
easy innit?
what they can do best is asked their upper boss how to handle this case...
hey i used to work in customer service line...practice "customer is always right" sure u x rugi pape (kna mrh ngn customer+boss). jez try to put urself in their shoes...

ow!ayah bought a shoe for him too..and he add about 50% more for my new heels/shoe... ;p

ayah send me back to the office and i bought kuih keria and lunch,chicken+sayo+a very lil nasik! x diet...

mlm ni nk mkn burger ramly boleh? :)

saye rindu dia..dia ade di rumah mina seminar tp kt kl je pun!


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MissessShira said...

my friend is an aldo fan. She said most aldos memang made from pig skin. :D