Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TAD TM Point at MiTC soon to be open!

Can't wait!

Apart from bz preparing for my wedding which is 5 months++ from now, my family and i also bz preparing for our outlet which we want it to be operate by end of December or early January.. (insyaAllah...)

Yes, im kinda bz lately, with TAD's thing, keje part-time, wedding preparation yg mcm x jalan2 ape pun, dgn tunggu call from *ehem* maybank yg i apply dan da di call few times.(don't wanna put so much hope.ada rezeki,alhamdulillah xde xpe laa..)

TAD's progress is 68% completed and now we're waiting for the approval to renovate our outlet and ow yea, our TAD TM Point is the first TAD TM Point in Malaysia yg operate in TM's building..yay! applause!!!! =D

On wedding preparation : booked dress for putrajaya reception but not yet found make-up & dais, favor for guest, etc...
For Melaka side, already confirmed the wedding package (include baju salin2,dais, make-up and all) but still waiting the new dress from this Rumah Kebaya..=) photographer, i have the list, but still havn't discuss yet with the parents and fiance...putrajaya pun sama..
tgh fikir nak ke tak videographer... ow!macam2 la lagi...

KERJA!ergh..is it me or masa yg tak sesuai or ini memang ujian Tuhan...(wedding da dekat,kerja xde lagi ni...sabar je laa.......)

what else?saya maseh ber kg seperti biasa,tiada beza.oh!slightly je laa...1kg kira beza ke?NOT!and now, today, mata kecil saya merah, terkena conjuctivitis, jangkitan from my bro!ahah!
dat's y i gotta go now..

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farhanna said...

u melaka jugak ye? so boleh la share info nnt