Wednesday, April 1, 2009

sugar is away...

So today,BB's not here for a week (1.5 weeks i think).
He's safe in Ipoh now and attending meeting right now..
Ok,jez be safe there..

Hmm..i've been working a trainee (an intern) at WM for 1 month plus now.I am comfortable with everyone here and the enviroment here suits me form time to time..
Ok,so yesterday my boss called me to his office and i thought it was about work (i'm working on video tutorials that i don't really understand..huhu~learning tyme!hard tyme i gess.. =p).
He asked me if i know that this company doesn't give allowance to intern and i answered yes i know.So he continued....he said "after discussing with my directors,we want to give you some money as a rewards.You've been working on this website thing bla,bla,bla....)".I was surprised and i didn't accept the money at first but he said "jez anggap this as angpow, a reward or something like that.." I took the money!
yay!!Alhamdulillah...i thanked him..

So saye ade duit extra this month!!!! =)

And last nite BB took me out for dinner..sblm BB pegi Ipoh..(Ipoh je,x smpi sebulan pun!emosi lebey!!) again,we went to Williams on BB's request.I was thinking of Ayam Penyet or Sari Ratu but soccay time aje..
We had our usual meal..2 big plates for 2 person??hmm..we managed to finish the pasta and pack the seafood fried rice home..huhuh~tamak agi!!!pastu BB makan laju sgt..



UmmiKhayra said...

owh... dapat bonus.. ye ye ye.. boleh belanja... hahahah ada ke minta intern belanja.. ntah pape je.. :P

N.I.N.A said...

boss buat suprise!