Thursday, April 2, 2009

i'm so into edward cullen...

yea!but so so in love with BB much more than him,the vampire.

Ok,i've been reading twilight since i was in Kedah and couldn't stop reading stephanie meyer's babies.So i bought new moon and eclipse.finished reading new moon and now focusing on eclipse.But....i couldn't find breaking dawn in KL and Mlk as well...(limited place laa...cari pun dkt sunway aje..)

So Austin,i am excited waiting for u,since u are buying breaking dawn for me in JB..hehe =)

Ow!i bought the movie edition and have been watching the movie over and over again because of edward cullen's character,not because of robert pattinson's handsome face..huhu~

i miss edward now...gler ke hape?

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