Saturday, April 18, 2009


yes,i went hunting with my sister today...hunting?erm...we caught 1 bad chicken and a yummy turkey!



i went to 2 bridals today and the one that i've been so nak-sangat-pergi turns out x best!and the other bridal which everyone said "mahal" turns out great!i love the warm greetings from the owner and she answered every questions in my head.. =)

er..rugi ke x salin2 baju yang mcm 5 helai tuh?(membazir and penat lah!)
and the aunty said i am wayyyy too early since i am getting married may NEXT YEAR! hehe...but i said..i am here untuk survey2 aje.. =)

*rase mcm suke lah bridal tuh!* harus discuss lebeh niy!

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